Your #1 Social Media Roadblock is...

Profit Plateau

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Your #1 roadblock is your lack of consistent cash flow coming in from content creation - monetizing your social media seems to be where you're hitting a wall. Whether you don’t have enough income streams established yet, or you’re having a hard time landing profitable paid brand collaborations, it’s tough when the effort you’re putting in doesn’t match the payouts. 

You're probably pitching and getting the good old "Sorry, we don't have budget" or "We can pay you in exchange for this $30 t-shirt" and are left feeling underpaid and overworked for deliverables you should be getting paid MUCH more for. 

Don't worry, though! Our monetization methods and negotiation strategies will guide you to lucrative brand deals and diverse income streams, turning your social media into a money-making machine. There IS a roadmap to becoming a successful creator that regularly lands paid brand and UGC deals, and we’ll show you how to do it:

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See What Others Are Saying About Giselle & Stephen's Training Program

Dalton Hunter

@travelwithdalt grew from 2,000 followers to over 700k!

"Giselle and Stephen are an absolute powerhouse in the Social Media space. There are people out there who are great at Youtube, Instagram, Blogging, etc. But G and Stephen are real entrepreneurs. They figure out the way to grow and dominate each platform. Then they execute that strategy again and again. More importantly, they’re genuine and kind. These two actually care about seeing others succeed. They personally helped me grow my following to over 700,000 on Instagram. I strongly recommend learning Social media from G & Stephen."

Jordyn Verzara Headshot

@themobilehomie has DOUBLED her following size

“I have doubled my social media audience. I have learned how to actually create content that I love. I have solidified my workflow and I’ve learned to pitch and actually secure brand deals...Today, we signed a last minute local tourism board deal & we got an email from a bigger tourism board that wants to work with us! Calling these both WINS!"

Laff Travel Headshot

@lafftravel negotiated paid UGC packages & has grown to 4k followers in 1 month! 

"Guys. l just want to say thank you
for all of the hard work and dedication in the modules, the group, and this course...
I started trying to use some of the techniques I learned from your workshop in March right before Creator passport came out. I had 1800 followers. I posted one reel a couple weeks before the course that now has 950K views and I gained 1400 followers from it. Thats what made me realize that The Creator Passport was the investment I needed. I hit 4000 followers today! 800 more since we started the Reels challenge on April 11. I know that's a small accomplishment, but l've more than doubled my following since March!”

Kelsey Headshot

@keepingupw.kelsey negotiated a Paid Brand Deal in less than 3 Days after joining TCP!

"YOU GUYS! My jaw is on the floor (in a good way) and I have to share. A brand DM'd me asking if I would want to collab with them and later mentioned wanting it to be a product exchange. I immediately scrambled to open Track 3 for negotiations and used the scripts to ask if they'd want to do a paid collaboration. They came back and said "Great! What about an affiliate link?" I used the scripts again to help push back since I would have to post WAY more than what they were asking to even get the worthwhile value of an affiliate link. I asked if they'd be interested in just seeing my rates and they said yes! AND they agreed to my rates for payment! Thank you SO much for this content and guys... LET'S GET PAID!"

Ashley Headshot

@thetravelersprescription mastered Manual Photography and Editing in Lightroom

“I NEEEEDDD to send a tremendous thank you ya'lls way. I got my Canon EOS R5 2 months ago, paid for and took classes on photography and still felt incredibly lost and intimidated by the camera. After watching the photography section of the training, I feel so much more confident when I go out in nature and capture it with my camera. And G, you are a GODDESS with lightroom and the edits I make are now so much more intentional. My pictures are turning out SO well! A million times, thank you!!! 🫶🫶🫶”

Fun Size Wanderer Headshot

@funsizewanderer went from 0 to 1,000 followers  and Reels with over 1,000,000 views in 30 days!

March 25 2024 - Started my IG account - First post
March 29 2024 - Signed up for the Creator Passport Course
April 25, 2024 - First reel to hit 1 million views!!!!
Still in shock - never would have believed I would have been here in one months time - so glad I signed up for the course! Looking forward to what this journey has to offer and where it will take me!"