Top Couple's Activities in Puerto Vallarta by the Lovers Passport

Top Couple’s Activities in Puerto Vallarta

April 11, 2020theloverspassport

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is known to be one of the most romantic destinations in all of Mexico. Sharing the stunning sunsets and activities of the city with your significant other can make definitely make memories of a lifetime. We’ve curated our top couple’s activities in Puerto Vallarta that aren’t just “go to the beach”:

Luxury Yacht Snorkel & Majahuitas Beach

When we were booking this excursion, we thought it was going to take us to multiple snorkel locations. It ended up being a little bit different than our expectations, but definitely still in our top couple’s activities list for Puerto Vallarta. You start off at the Vallarta Adventures headquarters and hop on a beautiful yacht after receiving a complimentary breakfast. You’re greeted with an open bar and start cruising across Banderas Bay.

We got about an hour of snorkeling time away from the beach, and then docked by Majahuitas to enjoy lunch under the sunshine! They offer the snorkel equipment, paddleboards, kayaks, and floating water lilies to use while you’re docked. No matter what activity you’re into, there’s something for you and your partner to do. Or, you can just relax on the beach or yacht and enjoy an open bar. You have to swim to the beach, but it’s filled with cozy hammocks, chairs, and photographers. It was a relaxing morning filled with snorkeling around such beautiful fish and paddleboarding side by side.

Advice & Tips:

Top Couple's Activities in Puerto Vallarta: Snorkeling off of Majahuitas Beach

Our advice is to take your own pictures because they charge an ABSURD amount for buying your pictures from the tour company. We were happy that we brought our own camera equipment and our Dry Bag. If you have a dry bag, we HIGHLY recommend taking it with you on this trip.

Also, if you are into whale watching, February-March is the time book your trip! We saw SO many whales on our way to Majahuitas Beach, our own private snorkel bay for the morning. We recommend not wasting money on the actual whale watching tour since every water adventure we did, we saw plenty of whales.

Outdoor Zip Line Adventure

This was the second activity we booked through Vallarta Adventures. It was definitely our favorite couple’s activity in the city as well. It was SO MUCH FUN if you enjoy adrenaline. We started off by leaving the adventure base on a speed boat, where we again, saw a ton of whales. Then we docked at Boca de Tomatlan and hopped on an off-roading vehicle which took us up to the top of a beautiful canopy. This was a fun ride and we got to pass a bunch of tequila factories, which you can tour and taste at through separate tour companies like Canopy River.

We really wanted to get back to Boca de Tomatlan and explore the beaches surrounding it, but we just ran out of time. You have to book a private charter over here if you want to do so, which we didn’t know. So plan in advanced if you want to check out the private beaches of this gorgeous area.


Once we got to the top, we had to hop on mules to take us to the top of the ziplining area, which was hilarious because Stephen had never been on a horse before, let alone a mule. The ziplining itself was a hoot. There was a ton of variety from doing a couple’s zipline while hugging each other, riding a zipline on a wooden surfboard, going upside down, going backward, and more.

The thing we loved about this activity was that it also incorporated rappelling over beautiful fresh waterfalls, a roller coaster zipline into rivers, water slides, and other fun obstacles. I don’t think we were bored at all. If you get the chance to do this, you should check it out! They won’t let you bring your own camera or Go Pro which sucks. So, be prepared to pay a pretty penny if you want all of your photos and videos. It was around $100 for all them so we passed, especially considering the tour itself was $139.

Las Caletas Beach

The only time we got to experience Las Caletas Beach was at sunset/night time, but it was still insanely stunning. They have hammocks placed throughout the beach, bars & food available. If you’re more into relaxing by the beach instead of adventuring the day, this might be the excursion for you. It’s quite a trek to get here, so you’ll either have to use a tour company or hire a boat for private charter to get you here.

The Rhythm of the Night

Created by the showrunners of Cirque du Soleil, Rhythm of the Night was an amazing show and romantic evening. Before the show, we were treated to a delicious buffet dinner and drinks. You can add the unlimited drinks options for $10 before you go. The food wasn’t nearly as good as our other local restaurants, so make sure to check out other local food during your stay with our recommendations. There were candles all over the beach and venue and it really sets the mood for a romantic evening, making it one of our top couple’s activities in Puerto Vallarta.

The show was full of acrobats, contortionists, dancers, aerialists, and more. It was mind-blowing, to say the least. If you get the opportunity to see the show, we think it was one of the more unique activities infused with Mexican culture.

Conchas Chinas

Stephen and I spontaneously decided to go explore the town, so we hopped on the bus for 10 pesos each, and rode it to Conchas Chinas! This is probably the area we’d like to stay the next time we visit Puerto Vallarta. The beaches were crowded but SO stunning. A lot of great restaurants are located here, although it is also quite a touristy area. We had an amazing beach day swimming in the water and enjoyed a great walk along the long water. This area is a lot fewer hotels but is more of the hidden party scene away from the Malecon if you’re looking for nightlife.

El Malecon

The hub of the tourists, as we like to say. El Malecon makes for a beautiful sunset spot and is filled with street performers, street vendors, and colors. The street food is amazing. We really enjoyed strolling down the Malecon while watching fireworks from the boardwalk on the first night we were there. However, we recommend straying away from eating at any of the restaurants right on the Malecon because there are so many more authentic restaurants just a short walk away.

Farmer’s Market

Take a stroll down the Farmer’s Market! Stephen and I found so many cute things including our hand-painted Margarita glasses and our Molcajete (guacamole bowl). It’s colorful, shaded, and in a really adorable part of the Romantic Zone in Puerto Vallarta.

Our one piece of advice: HAGGLE. Negotiate. Do NOT pay for anything at the first asking price. We got our items for around 50% off by playing a little harder to get. A lot of tourists don’t know to do this and spend more money than needed.

Sunset at Playa De Oro

Top Couple's Activities in Puerto Vallarta: Sunset at Playa Del Oro
Top Couple’s Activities in Puerto Vallarta: Sunset at Playa Del Oro

Our last top couple’s activity we recommend in Puerto Vallarta is watching the sunset from Playa De Oro. This beach had almost no one else out while we were there. It was one of the most stunning sunsets we had ever seen. This spot is great for enjoying a romantic picnic or cuddle session together as you get a whole beautiful view of Banderas Bay.

There’s so much to do in Puerto Vallarta, but these are just our Top 8 couple’s Activities in Puerto Vallarta

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