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Couple’s Adventure to Sequoia National Park

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Couple's Adventure in Sequoia National Park

About the Park

This is one of our most recent National Parks and is called “The Gateway to the Sierras.” We were blown away at how big the trees were and felt like we were in a fairytale! Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Park are so close that you can do them both in one very adventurous weekend. We wanted to share the highlights from our ONE DAY Couple’s Adventure to Sequoia National Park.

Best Sunset Spots

Sunset Rock

Sunset Rock is our favorite sunset hike in the park. It is a 2 mile out and back hike that takes you to a granite outcropping in the middle of Sequoia National Park. This outlook is perfect for sunset because there are no trees blocking the horizon. We loved this area for sunset because it is a little bit of a hike and avoids most of the crowds. There are no bathrooms on the trail so plan accordingly. Grab a blanket, bring some snacks, and have a romantic picnic in a beautiful National Park.

Beatle Rock

Beatle Rock is another great sunset spot on a Couple’s Adventure to Sequoia National Park. This is a great area for a quick stop to view the sun going down because it is directly next to the parking lot. If you have the time I recommend taking the trek out to Sunset Rock because it is a better viewing point. The convenience of this lookout with the granite rock keeping the trees from blocking the beautiful view makes this an amazing area for sunset.

Romantic Couple’s Hikes

Crescent Meadow
Crescent Meadow

Crescent Meadow

Crescent Meadow was our favorite area on our Couple’s Adventure to Sequoia National Park. This area had the best Sequoias in the park in our opinion. This hike is an easy 2 mile loop that follows a trail around the meadow. We loved how the massive trees were all grouped so closely together in this area. Towards the back of the trail is a tree that is hallowed out called “Chimney Tree” where we crawled inside to relax for a few minutes. Take this view walk in the afternoon to enjoy a romantic stroll with the golden light.

Couple's Adventure in Sequoia National Park
Big Trees Trail

Big Trees Trail

This is one of the most iconic trails in the heart of the Sequoias. This trail is a short 1.5 mile loop that is very well maintained and takes you around the meadow. We liked Crescent Meadow more, but this meadow is in the heart of the park next to the Museum. The signs around the hike are very informative and give you some history into the bustling town before the area became a National Park. This trail is best done in the morning when the crowds are light and you can listen to the forest slowly waking up.

Congress Trail

This Trail is at the beginning or end of the park depending if you are entering in the South or North entrance. This trail took us to some of the biggest trees in the park and passes right past the General Sherman Tree. We thought this was the perfect morning hike to see the sun rays breaking through the thick trees. From here you can follow your own adventure as the hikes go all over the lower section of the “Giant Forest.” Do this trail early in the morning to avoid the crowds and get lost wandering through the massive trees.

Moro Rock
Moro Rock

Highlights in ONE DAY

Moro Rock

It is hard to miss this monster a Couple’s Adventure to Sequoia National Park. This granite rock is MASSIVE and was one of our favorite areas in the park. The hike itself can be quite daunting hiking up stairs to the top. Depending on the time that you go, this hike can be very crowded. Our recommendation is to get up for sunrise and do the hike early to have it all to yourself. Another great viewing point is next to Hanging Rock to the right side of Moro Rock. This viewing point lets you see the massive drop on the side and see down into the beautiful valley.

Tunnel Log in Sequoia National Park
Tunnel Log

Tunnel Log

Have you ever driven your car through a tree? Neither have we! This place was so surreal to think that we could drive through a tree. This area a great spot to go before sunset because the lighting is better and the crowds will start to die down by the end of the day. The lines get long here so take your time and enjoy the grandeur of this beautiful area.

General Sherman Tree
General Sherman Tree

General Sherman

The General Sherman Tree is a must for any trip to the Sequoias. This is the biggest tree in the WORLD! We thought other trees looked more beautiful but this tree is the start to so many good trails it is a must-see on the way in. This is also one of the most popular areas of the park so make sure to get there early!

Crystal Cave

We did not get the chance to visit Crystal Cave because of the closure due to COVID. We have heard this place is magical though and highly recommend checking it out. Don’t forget to make reservations beforehand because the only way to see it is through their guided tours. There are tours that go during the day as well as at night so pick your own adventure!


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  1. Candace Lucas on August 10, 2020 at 5:34 am

    I had a question about your Sequoia National Park trip. Where did you stay over night? In a hotel or your car?? I want to plan a trip here and Kings Canyon for a couple of days just trying to plan the details. Also, did you need to purchase a permit before hand?

    I love your photos and your you tube channel. Good job at putting it together. I love it ☺️

    Thank in advance!

    • Stephen Jiroch on August 10, 2020 at 5:52 pm

      Hey Candace! Thanks so much for the kind words! 🙂 We stayed in a Sequoia National Forest dispersed camping area and slept in the car but others there were in tents! As long as you aren’t camping in the park overnight you don’t need a permit! Here’s the link for the dispersed camping map: and we stayed in the area that says 13503! Let us know if you have any more questions! Happy adventuring!

Stephen & Giselle backpacking the Sierra High Route